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What is Co-working

Coworking is the up-and-coming alternative to the standard business office. For many professionals, the concept of this “standard office” is impractical, whether it be due to the high cost of rent, the variability of an irregular schedule, a limited need for space, feelings of isolation as a result of no/few fellow workers or the stress of office politics. Coworking addresses these concerns by providing a communal hub where entrepreneurs, SMEs, start-ups, remote workers and more can work if and when they need it. At their core, coworking spaces are offices where professionals from various sectors and fields work side by side, independently but together.

Rather than renting a building or office for themselves, entrepreneurs who cowork are able to book a desk within shared office on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. This means that you only pay for office when you need one – after all, if you only need a workspace 5 days a month, why pay rent for a full-time office? Coworking allows flexibility for professionals who work irregular or unusual hours and doesn’t require any long-term commitments.

Coworking is also social. The desks at Pine Hub, for instance, all sit in a central open office (see image). This set-up allows you to meet other entrepreneurs from your local community, individuals with whom you can network, brainstorm and receive feedback. And unlike a café or similar public space, the individuals you meet at within a shared office have all come to work, promoting a focused, professional atmosphere with limited distractions.

Still have questions? Read Coworking Co-Works on the Pine Hub blog for insight into this growing new industry.


How do I know which pass is best for me?

Different membership passes will appeal to different individuals. A dedicated desk pass, for instance, will be more fitting for a professional needing a daily workspace while a hot desk pass is generally more conducive to variable schedules. When selecting your pass, it is important to consider factors such as how often you plan to use the shared office, what days you will need access and if you will need to make use of storage space or a meeting room.

If you are at all unsure of which plan is best for you, contact us! We are more than happy to discuss all of your options and help you determine which pass best accommodates your schedule.


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What is the minimum contractual term for membership?


Pine Hub offers two membership options for you to consider. In both plans, the contractual term is 1 month.

Ad-hoc membership allows members to buy passes when needed and last for the duration of the month. Ad-hoc membership passes allow you to access the Pine Hub office Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm. After purchasing a pass, email or to specify what day and time you would like to use the space. Bookings can be made as late as the day before you wish to work from Pine Hub.

Monthly subscription membership is an ongoing monthly subscription to a Pine Hub hot desk (5 day pass, 10 day pass, 15 day pass, 20 day pass or weekend pass) or dedicated desk (1 month). In this plan, you will have the flexibility to change your pass from month to month between any of the listed desk passes. The monthly subscription membership includes a fob for 24/7 Pine Hub access and use of the Pine Hub business address. 


Difference btw coworking, serviced office & shared office?

 All three describe the same concept of an office where you can work alongside professionals from a range of fields and specialties. That being said, it should not be assumed that all co-working, serviced and shared offices will offer the same plans or amenities. Spaces will vary in what specific memberships are offered, what will be available to members and what will be the cost of using amenities. Not all offices are created equal – this is why it is so vital to research potential work spaces before picking the one for you. 


Why should I consider coworking at Pine Hub?

Thank you for asking! Pine Hub offers many benefits to its members that are worth your consideration:

· High-speed internet

· An assortment of affordable passes and plans

· A secure, comfortable space to work

· A personal fob for 24/7 hub access*

· A network of entrepreneurs both local and abroad

· 3 days of free access to 350+ co-working spaces around the globe via the Co-working Visa

· Complimentary hot drinks and filtered water 

· Complimentary car and bike parking

· Complimentary A4 printing*

· Free meeting room access*

· Free business address*

· An onsite community manager to quickly address concerns should they arise

· Twice weekly professional office cleaning

· Free Entrepreneurs Toolkit events

· Discounted leadership and entrepreneurship training

· Invitation to Pine Hub and Blanchardstown Corporate Park socials

· Easy access to public transportation and M50 motorway

· A corporate community consisting of 50+ companies of various sizes and industries

*Details vary by membership


What is the Entrepreneurs Toolkit?

The Entrepreneurs Toolkit are events for Dublin entrepreneurs and SMEs hosted by Pine Hub. These events feature experts in business and leadership who have taken the time to share their insights with the aim of promoting the development of local businesses. These events vary in content and cost, and many are available free. More information can be found on the Entrepreneurs Toolkit page.


Leadership Development Classes

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Coworker Member’s Choice Award, and how did Pine Hub win?


The Coworker Member’s Choice Awards (CMCAs), run by, recognize the best coworking spaces around the world. One office is selected per city as a CMCA winner based on a combination of user votes, reviews and average space rating. Of the 30 nominated spaces, the kind feedback from our incredible community made Pine Hub the Dublin CMCA winner! This achievement has been a remarkable gift, and we are looking forward to continuing to support our members and our local community in every way we can moving forward.

More information on the CMCAs, click here.



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